Tower Health strives to enhance the health and transform the lives of those in our care. Our mission is to provide compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost effective healthcare to the community, to promote health, to educate healthcare professionals, and to participate in appropriate clinical research.  

The Anesthesiology residency at Reading Hospital/Tower Health is designed with that mission in mind. We know that Anesthesiologists are leaders for complex situations and for multidisciplinary teams.  We educate and train our physicians to be patient centered, quality focused, and collaboration-oriented clinicians. We value diversity, inclusion, and teamwork as essential to improving care. Our graduates will be clinical leaders who possess a broad fund of knowledge, exceptional technical abilities, and the interpersonal communication skills necessary to lead in the future.    

Our graduates will be prepared to:

  1. Obtain Board Certification as per the American Board of Anesthesiology. We will provide the clinical experiences, academic structure, and an environment of mentorship which provides feedback and support.
  2. Provide the highest level of care for patients and communities. We will ensure that our culture and example have the patient as the focus of every decision and that our clinical pathways are evidence based and quality driven.
  3. Develop collaborative, efficient working environments to enhance the partnerships with Surgery, Nursing, and add value for organizations.
  4. Educate patients, families, and communities, and pass along their knowledge and experience to the next generation of healthcare professionals.