PGY1: and PGY2: General Pediatrics (St. Christopher's Hospital) 4 week blocks

PGY3: Adult Neurology (Temple University Hospital) 4 week blocks

PGY4 and  PGY5: Pediatric Neurology (St. Christopher's Hospital) 1 month blocks

Child Neurology Residency Chart

* supervisory  role

AD= Adolescent Medicine

Cx: Consults

DEV= Developmental Pediatrics              

EL= Elective

ED: Emergency Department       

ER= Emergency Room  

GP=General Peds Sick Clinic                      

IP= Inpatient Medicine   

Psub=Inpatient Subspecialty                             

NICU=Neonatal Intensive Care                


N-Sx: Neurosurgery

PICU=Ped Intensive Care                                        

Vac= Vacation                                              

WB=Well Baby Nursery