The three-year Family Practice Residency program consists of a combination of patient care and teaching. This takes place in the family practice center, at the bedside, in formal conference settings and in the community.

First Year

The primary goal of the first year is to master the fundamental aspects of hospital-based medicine through rotations in general and emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and other specialties.

Section Duration
Inpatient Family Practice Service     3 months
Emergency Medicine     1 month
Intensive Care Unit     1 month
Cardiology 1 month
Newborn Nursery (Einstein)     1 month
Obstetrics (Einstein)     1 month
General Surgery 1 month
Pediatrics (The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)     2 months
Community Medicine/Practice Management     1 month
Family practice center     1-2 sessions per week

Second and Third Years

During the second and third years, residents spend an increasing amount of time in the family practice center and community settings. Residents pursue areas of special interest during their elective months and may use one of those months for an away elective during their third year. Pediatric rotations for the family practice residents occur at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia during all three years of residency.

Section Duration

Inpatient Family Practice Service
2 months
Emergency Medicine 1 month
Pediatrics (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) 1 month
Otolaryngology/Ophthalmology 1 month
Sports Medicine 1 month
Dermatology/Allergy 1 month
Psychiatry 1 month

Outpatient Pediatrics (St. Christopher’s Hospital)

1 month
Obstetrics (Einstein) 1 month
Elective 1 month
Geriatrics 1 month
Practice Management     1 month
Family Practice Center 3-4 sessions per week

Third Year

Section Duration
Inpatient Family Practice Service     2 months
Cardiology 1 month
Neurology  1 month
Community Medicine/Practice Management 1 month
Orthopaedics 1 month
Pulmonary Medicine and Gastroenterology 1 month
Urology and Oncology 1 month
Pediatrics (The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ER) 1 month
Gynecology 1 month
Elective 2 months
Family Practice Center 4-5 sessions per week

Medical Sub-specialties

The majority of specialty rotations are office preceptorship/ambulatory experience in block format. A few disciplines are taught longitudinally such as behavioral science and geriatrics. Resident education also includes participating in journal clubs and giving formal lectures during certain rotations (i.e., OB/GYN, pediatrics).

Call Schedules

First Year: Combination of night float and overnights
Second Year: on call average of every 8th night  
Third Year: on call average of every 8th night  
All Years: no backup call