All Designated Osteopathic Residents are integrated into the categorical internal medicine program and receive the same training. However, the designated osteopathic residents also participate in an enhanced curriculum which reinforces an osteopathic learning environment, centered on incorporation of osteopathic principles of practice (OPP) into internal medicine. This includes:

  • Evaluation of incorporation of OPP into internal medicine on all core rotations
  • Participation in OPP/OMM workshops monthly, led and taught residents on treating internal medicine patients
  • Participation in Osteopathic Journal Club, led and taught by residents to advance scholarly activity in the osteopathic fields
  • Participation in OMM clinic where residents learn to treat general internal medicine patients with osteopathic techniques, wherein they learn manual skills, documentation, billing, and coding principles for their future career
  • Mentorship with the Director of Osteopathic Education on means to incorporate OPP into their future careers
  • Completion of all required rotations during intern year to qualify for Pennsylvania State licensure