At Brandywine Hospital, we're here to help you heal—and to make certain your experience with us is as safe, restful, and restorative as possible. However, before you visit us, there are a few things you might want to know about our campus and making the most of your hospital stay.

Questions of care

Did you know that as a patient, you have a specific set of rights? That our hospital accepts most major insurers (but that you should check our list to make sure yours is among them)? That we offer spiritual counseling and other services? 

Patient Notice

We remind people to always be careful when asked to provide personal, medical, or financial information over the phone. Community members have reported calls claiming to represent Brandywine Hospital that ask for a credit card number to clear medical bills. While the caller ID may look like it is from Brandywine Hospital, the hospital is not making these calls.

Be skeptical of unsolicited calls to avoid falling victim to a scammer. Numbers on caller ID can be faked. If a caller says they represent Brandywine Hospital and you are not confident this is true, hang up. Then call the hospital at 610-383-8000 or another phone number you know is valid from an appointment confirmation, the phone book or the hospital website.