No one looks forward to a hospital stay, but we work hard to make sure your visit is as pleasant as possible.

Here are a few things you should know about your room and our hospital in general that can help make your time with us restful and healing.

Your Room

Every room in our Medical/Surgical, Orthopedic and Neuroscience, Progressive Care, and Intensive Care Units is completely private. Each room has ample space for family and friends, as well as a television and Wi-Fi availability.

During your stay, it is possible that you may be transferred to another room due to a change in your condition, specialized care needs, or to accommodate other patients.


A telephone is provided in every room for your convenience. In-room phones can be used to make local calls only. To make local calls, dial "9" and the number you are calling. For long-distance calls, please dial 0 and the operator will assist you.


Brandywine Hospital is a tobacco-free campus. Smoking is prohibited on the campus.


Good nutrition is an important part of your care and recovery. When you are admitted, you will be offered daily menu selections. Our cafeteria delivers three in-room meals each day. Menu selections vary based on your doctor’s prescribed diet and your individual therapeutic needs. Please see our Therapeutic Diets Information. Special accommodations for religious or cultural needs can be made by contacting your nurse or dietary host. 

Personal Belongings

Take special care with any personal items you bring into the hospital. Please store items such as dentures, eyeglasses, and hearing aids in their proper containers in your bedside table. You will also receive a Patient Belongings bag to store any clothing or miscellaneous items you may have.

For your safety, we cannot permit you to use electrical items such as hair dryers, outside television sets, or heating pads. Electric razors and small battery-operated radios are allowed as they do not disturb other patients.

Please do not bring jewelry, credit cards, large amounts of cash, or other valuables to the hospital. For safety reasons, hospital rooms cannot be locked to protect your valuables. If you are not able to leave valuables at home or with a family member, they may be placed in a hospital safe for safekeeping. Please notify your nurse, who will arrange for them to be stored in the safe until you are discharged. Your valuables will be placed into an itemized envelope, and you will receive a receipt for the items.