Who can get tested through the community testing site?

Individuals of all ages, pediatric through adult, with or without symptoms. A doctor’s referral is not needed.

What type of testing will there be?

We are offering both drive-through and walk-in testing, by appointment, and there will be certain designated time slots during which no appointment is necessary. So, there are four convenient ways to get tested:

  • Drive-through, by appointment
  • Drive-through, no appointment needed
  • Apple Pavilion Walk-in, by appointment
  • Apple Pavilion Walk-in, no appointment needed

Where is testing located?

For walk-in testing, the Apple Pavilion is located adjacent to the garage on Erie Avenue. For drive-through testing, we have designated a section of the first floor of the garage. Individuals should enter the garage through the CUC Parking Lot next to the Apple Pavilion. Follow the signs.

How do individuals get an appointment?

They should visit the Web Portal to register and schedule an appointment.

What time slots are available for appointments?

Visit the Web Portal to register and view available appointments. Individuals should arrive five minutes before an appointment.

What are the designated timeframes for no-appointment-needed testing?

Visit the Web Portal to view time blocks for no-appointment-needed testing.

Is there a cap on the number of no-appointment-needed tests and how will we handle overflow?

Yes, the Apple Pavilion can hold a maximum number of individuals to ensure safe, social distancing. We have a designated overflow area for the Apple Pavilion walk-ins on the first floor of the garage with some protection from the weather. Similarly, there is a maximum number of cars for no-appointment-needed testing.

How will individuals know if there are no appointments left?

Once the maximum number is reached, individuals, whether walk-in or drive-through, will be informed that there are no additional available appointments for that given day.

How will individuals get results?

Results will be delivered through the Web Portal. Individuals will be notified via text once their results are available.

What happens when individuals arrive to the COVID-19 Testing Site?

Individuals will be asked for identification and health insurance information. If someone doesn’t have identification or health insurance, they can still get a test and not be billed.

If someone doesn’t have a driver’s license or ID, can they still get tested?


If someone doesn't have health insurance, can they still get tested?

Testing is at no cost to individuals regardless of insurance status. When individuals give their insurance information, it allows the laboratory to bill insurance to get reimbursed for the cost of the test. If an individual does not have insurance, they will not be turned away or billed.

Is the Apple Pavilion wheelchair accessible?


Can individuals walk up to the drive-through testing?

Absolutely not. For the drive-through, everyone must be in a vehicle.

In the drive-through testing, can multiple individuals in the car be tested, and do they all need to register?

We encourage all individuals to register. However, if only one individual in the vehicle is registered the remaining individuals can be tested. Additional individuals in a vehicle who want to be tested will be required to register onsite.

Can children in car seats remain in the car during testing?


Who should individuals call with questions?

Our call center at 215-427-5434. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

Should I tell others about our community testing?

Yes, this is a community service we are providing, funded by the City of Philadelphia. Please let friends and family know there are a limited number of appointments each day, and that they should use the Web Portal to register for an appointment.

Where else can individuals get tested?

View a list of additional testing sites throughout Philadelphia.

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