PGY-1 Rotations

The PGY-1 year includes three months of internal medicine and two months of adult neurology at Brandywine Hospital. This six-month block provides a foundation in medical care and is scheduled as one continuous rotation.

The six-month block of psychiatry in PGY-1 combines an exciting variety of rotations at Friends Hospital. PGY-1 residents spend two months rotating at the Friends Hospital CRC for emergency psychiatry and four months on two different inpatient units – one acute adult unit and one unit designed for transitional age youth.

While on medicine/neurology, residents do not attend psychiatry didactics, but have exposure to medicine and neurology didactic curricula. Given our emphasis on resident education, we repeat the entire six-month PGY-1 didactic curriculum so that all PGY-1 residents engage in the same educational program, whether from July through December or January through June. Residents have monthly process group and other departmental activities that maintain group cohesion during the time on medicine and neurology.

PGY-2 Rotations

Residents in the PGY-2 year rotate through a variety of inpatient settings. Four months are spent at Brandywine Hospital on the inpatient services, with one-month rotations on each of the four units – general adult, mood disorders, geriatric and eating disorders - where residents are engaged in all aspects of management of psychiatric inpatients. Residents have a three-month rotation in consultation-liaison psychiatry at Brandywine Hospital, including opportunities for telepsychiatry, during which residents provide psychiatric consultation to all departments. A one-month psychiatry-focused emergency rotation at Brandywine Hospital consolidates the ability to provide psychiatric evaluation and triage.

Residents rotate for one month at Caring Together, a unique addiction psychiatry service providing treatment to patients with substance use disorders and their families.

Residents return to Friends Hospital for three months in the PGY-2 year for inpatient rotations. Residents will gain experience in child and adolescent psychiatry on the adolescent inpatient psychiatry unit at Friends, and experience in geriatric psychiatry on the geriatric psychiatry unit at Friends Hospital.

PGY-3 Rotations

The PGY-3 year is spent entirely in the outpatient setting. Residents are assigned to one of two outpatient sites where residents carry their primary outpatient caseloads. Outpatient caseloads are monitored to insure a balanced caseload and diversity of treatment types. Residents may choose to spend several hours each week at the Partnership Comprehensive Care Practice, which cares for patients with HIV and AIDS.

PGY-4 Rotations

Residents in the PGY-4 year continue half-time with their clinical activities for ongoing care of their outpatients. For four months of the PGY-4 year, residents spend half time on inpatient "chiefships" in which senior residents return to inpatient units in an advanced role to provide clinical care to patients as a team leader in addition to educational supervision for junior residents and medical students. Eight months of the PGY-4 year, at half-time commitment, is spent on electives. Residents may choose to return to any previous PGY-1 or PGY-2 site for further experience as a senior resident. We also offer electives in electroconvulsive therapy, sleep medicine, pain management, neurology, research, neuropsychological testing, managed care administration and tailor-made electives based on individual clinical interest.

Night call is seen as an educational responsibility that prepares the resident for more autonomous practice. Our philosophy is that residents provide call coverage after they have had sufficient experience and with faculty back up. There is no call in the PGY-1 year. In the PGY-2 year, residents take week-night call with a night float system to cover Brandywine Hospital emergency department, inpatient units and emergency consultation with faculty back-up by phone. The PGY-3 residents cover 24-hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday at Brandywine Hospital. PGY-4 residents provide training calls for the incoming PGY-2 residents, and do not have other scheduled call.

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