Patient Identification

We utilize two patient identifiers such as name, date of birth, or MRN when providing patient care to verify that the correct patient is getting the correct service or treatment.

Barcode scanning is used to confirm the correct patient information after staff has verified the patient’s identification using two patient identifiers.

Staff Identification

Tower Health employees always wear their ID badges to ensure visibility for colleagues, patients, and visitors. All patients should expect to see the staff caring for them to have their ID badge visible.

Security and Safety

Visitors and patients should stop at the security desk when they arrive so they can receive guidance regarding any registration that might be required or restrictions that might be in place in the area that they are visiting.

Medication Reconciliation

We help ensure that the patient’s medication list is correct at every visit. When a patient arrives, we verify what medication the patient is currently taking and always compare those medications with any new medications that are being ordered. Patients are provided with an updated list of medications that they need to take and remind them to bring that medication list with them every time they go to the doctor.