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The Office for CME at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children provides continued service, as well as directing and planning activities that occur off-campus at community-based physicians and institutions with which we work closely. 

St. Christopher’s has been dedicated to physician education and training for more than 110 years, including the development of continuing medical education for nearly 70 years!

Our CME programs have been shaped over the years by the wonderful influences of several historically renowned pediatricians who provided care and education at St. Chris, including: Dr. William H. Bennett, founder of St. Christopher’s Hospital, Dr. Waldo E. Nelson, author of what is widely-known as THE pediatric textbook, Dr. Angelo M. DiGeorge, physician-scientist who detailed DiGeorge Syndrome, and Dr. David S. Smith, venerable physician leader fondly known as the “pediatrician’s pediatrician.”

As of February 1, 2020, St. Christopher's CME Office is utilizing Tower Health’s CME tracking system/database – eeds. This system will be used for all SCHC Grand Rounds and CME Case Conferences you attend on campus as well as any other Tower Health CME activities you participate in.  Please sign in with the eeds app on your phone or on a laptop, desktop or mobile device. 

Grand Rounds

Attend the next event to obtain CME credits. Please call 215-427-5159 for assistance.

Upcoming 2021 Friday Events:

  • 3/5
  • 3/12
  • 3/19
  • 3/26
  • 4/2
  • 4/9 
  • 4/30

Access the Grand Rounds Schedule to view all upcoming events for the next six months. 

Pediatric Pearls

Updates from experts at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children.

Upcoming 2021 Thursday Events:

  • 3/4
  • 3/18
  • 4/1
  • 4/15
  • 5/6
  • 5/20
  • 6/3
  • 6/17

View all upcoming Pediatric Pearls events.


Alma P. Barberena, Coordinator, Office for Continuing Medical Education Program
Phone: 215-427-5159

E. Douglas Thompson, Jr, MD, MMM
Chief Medical Officer Chief, Section of Hospital Medicine Interim Director, Office for Continuing Medical Education


Damaris Rodriguez, Assistant, Office for Continuing Medical Education Program
Phone: 215-427-6672



Mission Statement 

The purpose of the CME program as St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is to develop, deliver and evaluate high quality and effective continuing medical education programs through the application of adult learning principles. Our programs will accomplish this by identifying the informational needs of our physician learners and designing programs to improve their knowledge, skills and behaviors in multiple domains of competency. Our program will integrate with hospital efforts in patient safety and quality improvement to promote improved patient outcomes.

The content will encompass the needs of our target audience and be applicable to the rapidly
changing healthcare environment. Topics addressed will include basic scientific advances, clinical information and skills related to specific pediatric disorders, as well as issues related to advocacy, cultural competency, public health, professionalism, evidence-based practice, hospital-based quality data and patient safety.

Target Audience
Our primary target audience includes physicians who are members of the Medical Staff at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and other practicing physicians who provide care for the pediatric population primarily in the tri-state region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, as well as select areas of Maryland and New York.

Types of Activities
Implementation strategies include case presentations, pediatric grand rounds specialty pediatric seminars, small group discussions, interactive workshops, audience response systems, internet based learning and patient safety conferences linked to efforts to improve patient safety by members of the Medical Staff. These strategies will be undertaken through both directly sponsored and jointly sponsored programs.

Expected Outcomes
Our programs will utilize traditional evaluations, pre-and post-survey data and hospital quality and safety data to demonstrate enhanced physician competencies and improved patient outcomes.

Questions about CME at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children?

Contact Alma P. Barberena, Coordinator, Office for Continuing Medical Education Program.