Tower Health has developed the following process to support administration of COVID-19 vaccine to healthcare workers unaffiliated with Tower Health (or other hospitals, health systems or long-term care facilities). This is consistent with the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s guidance to prioritize healthcare workers as described in the PA DOH Interim COVID-19 Vaccination Plan.

According to the Department of Health, healthcare workers are defined as: “may include, but are not limited to, emergency medical service personnel, nurses, nursing assistants, physicians, technicians, therapists, phlebotomists, pharmacists, students and trainees, direct support professionals, clinical personnel in school settings or correctional facilities, contractual staff not employed by the health care facility,” and others.

Tower Health now offers first-come, first-serve appointment scheduling of vaccine administration to these individuals through this page.

It is vital that you know and follow the steps and information below:
  • You must have an active MyTowerHealth account to schedule a vaccine appointment at Tower Health. If you do not have a MyTowerHealth account, activate one today through this page.
  • Vaccines are distributed by appointment only.
  • No walk-ins are accepted. No exceptions will be made.
  • Appointments cannot be made by phone.
  • If no appointments are available in the schedule, it means that our current supply of vaccine has been distributed or available appointments have been scheduled. Continue to check for additional available appointments.
  • At the time of vaccination, you will be asked to provide appropriate identification of your eligibility to be vaccinated as a healthcare worker unaffiliated with Tower Health (or other hospitals, health systems or long-term care facilities).
  • Successful vaccination requires two doses. Your follow up shot will be scheduled when you receive your first shot.
  • There is no cost to you for receiving the vaccine.
  • Even after vaccination, you should continue to wear a mask in public, avoid large crowds if possible, and wash your hands frequently.

Please continue to check this web page for updates as vaccine development and distribution details change frequently. Information is also available from the CDC and the PA DOH.

We need volunteers to help administer vaccine! If you are qualified to give injections and would like to volunteer to help vaccinate our community, please email