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Your dietitian nutritionist will look at your medical history and nutritional needs. This will be used to create a personal plan to help you reach your goals, help control high blood pressure, weight, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, and other health issues.

The success of any nutrition plan is based on how well it fits your lifestyle. We work with you to create goals to meet your own needs. In addition to making good food choices, building better habits are key to keeping healthy for the long-term.

Appointment format options include traditional in-person, as well as virtual appointments via telephone or MyTowerHealth video.

Patient Forms

Outpatient Adult Nutrition History Information

Patient Stories

“I was feeling sick and tired for a long time. I had blood tests done revealing I was pre-diabetic. I immediately started seeing a dietitian at Outpatient Nutrition Services of Tower Health she reviewed my blood test numbers with me and came up with a meal plan to suit me and my lifestyle. I lost weight, my numbers are down, I have not felt sick and I have a lot more energy. Do not diet instead make a lifestyle change by eating right and exercising even little changes will make a difference. Doing something is better than doing nothing.”
- T.M. (64-year-old Female)

"I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes @ 56 yrs old. Having had gestational diabetes, I remembered a little bit of what I needed to do but I felt I needed a refresher and also wanted personal attention. I made an appointment with Ann Wellock at the Reading Hospital Nutrition office and my experience was amazing. Ann helped me to understand what I needed to eat and how to make a meal plan that incorporated the important food groups so I would not miss having any important vitamins. Ann took the time (over an hour) to go over ALL of my questions and we came up with a plan that fit my lifestyle. I am happy to report that after 3 months, I have lost 15% of my body weight and on the way to losing another 12%. I feel much better and my A1C levels have gone down enough that I no longer need the diabetes medicine. I would highly recommend making an appointment with Ann, she is knowledgeable about nutrition and gives lots of tips to help make the patient successful."
Karen (Mohnton, PA)