Cardiac rehab combines education, exercise, and support to help you lead a healthy life and lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases. It lets you begin a healthier lifestyle after a heart attack, cardiothoracic procedure, or another heart or vascular event. It can also improve heart failure symptoms and help you be more active.

A Team Dedicated to Your Good Health

Our team of cardiologists, nutritionists, exercise professionals, and psychologists works together to create a rehab program customized to your needs and goals. We teach you healthy behaviors — but, most importantly, we help you make them part of your lifestyle. You develop heart-healthy habits that enhance your health and well-being long term.

Cardiac Rehab: What to Expect

Your program begins once you’re home from the hospital. We personalize it to fit your needs — which means the number of sessions with us and the length of your program depends on you.

All programs include a comprehensive evaluation and: 

  • Safe, supervised exercise. We keep track of your blood pressure, heart rate, and how you feel during exercise. 
  • Nutrition education. You learn how to eat heart-healthy and make wise food choices.
  • Lifestyle change guidance. You learn how to reduce your risk of future heart and vascular problems. We help you stop unhealthy habits — like smoking or not exercising — and start healthy ones like exercising, eating right, managing stress, and more.

Most insurance providers cover cardiac rehab, but check with your provider to find out about your coverage.

We also offer a maintenance program that provides ongoing guidance after you’ve completed your program (this phase isn’t covered by insurance).

During maintenance, we develop a workout plan for you, but we don’t monitor you while you exercise. We continue to educate you and help you eat better and make healthy lifestyle changes. The duration of your program depends on your needs.