As a non-profit Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), we cover Berks, Northern Lancaster, Montgomery, and Schuylkill counties. Through relationships with Third-Party Administrators (TPA's), insurance carriers, and insurance brokers, employer groups can access our valuable services.

Members Advantages

Members of Tower Health PPO (THPPO) benefit in many ways from their healthcare coverage, by choosing from a wide range of physicians and facilities, and receiving the added benefits of excellent customer service.

Members benefit from:

  • Strong local presence
  • An extensive network of credentialed physicians, hospitals, and ancillary providers
  • Quality healthcare services
  • Ability to choose your provider
  • Provider access close to home or work
  • Case management services
  • Access to emergency care
  • Out-of-network care coordination

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It's the Better Plan for You and Your Employees

As a non-profit Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Tower Health PPO (THPPO) spans the four counties of Berks, Montgomery, Northern Lancaster, and Schuylkill giving your employees access to an extensive network of physicians, facilities, and ancillary providers.

Benefits for Employers

  • Competitive discounts with our preferred providers
  • Affordable prices with a choice of carriers and plan designs
  • A healthcare program that holds providers accountable for quality and resource utilization
  • Comprehensive and flexible health plan benefits

Benefits for Employees

  • The ability to choose providers from an expansive network
  • The ability to avoid higher out-of-pocket expenses
  • The assurance of quality healthcare close to home

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is THPPO's local presence so important?

As a locally operated organization, our knowledge of the local companies, large corporations, and small businesses, help us recognize the concerns and requirements of their employees. Long-term relationships with local healthcare providers and hospitals assure our members that they will receive excellent healthcare in their home communities.

What is a provider, and how many are included in THPPO's network?

A provider is a hospital, physician, healthcare facility, or another medical professional that has contracted with THPPO to provide services at negotiated fees.

What is a primary care physician?

A primary care physician is a doctor who serves as your first contact with the medical system. A primary care physician also is called a personal care physician or primary care provider.