Nurses base practice on best evidence and contribute to the generation of new knowledge through nursing research.

Clinical inquiry is one of the essential nursing competencies within the Synergy Model. Fundamental to that competency is the ability to search for evidence-based best practices, conduct research to discover new knowledge, and to innovatively implement practice improvements.

The ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation is the framework for Nursing Research and EBP at Reading Hospital. Selected by Organizational Practice and Research Councils, the model clearly delineates how nursing research is integrated into clinical practice.

Staff oversight for Nursing Research is a responsibility of the Nursing Research Council; administrative oversight is the responsibility of the Director of Nursing Research.

Nursing Research Office

Name Title Email
Deborah Swavely, DNP, RN Senior Director, Nursing Research / Council Facilitator
Robin Minchhoff, MSN, RN Research Council Chair
TBD Research Council Co-Chair