Tower Health Medical Group Endocrinology & Diabetes - Wyomissing offers group and individual diabetes education recognized by American Diabetes Association. All classes taught by Certified Diabetes Education Specialist.

Diabetes Education Classes Offered

Diabetes and You

This class (for adults with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes) is designed to help improve quality of life. Classes teach skills to manage diabetes more effectively by monitoring blood sugar, following a healthy food plan, taking medicines as prescribed, and handling emotional stress. Diabetes self-management programs have been shown to help lower A1C levels, reduce the risk of diabetes complications, and even lower medical expenses. Having the knowledge and support to manage diabetes can help improve health and happiness. Classes are interactive and offered in small group sessions. Classes are available every month with morning, afternoon, and evening options. Referral from healthcare provider is required. 

Diabetes Review Class

After attending Diabetes and You Classes, come join us for a review! Discuss the latest technology and medications to manage Diabetes. Refresh your knowledge about healthy eating and activity to continue to feel your best. A referral to attend Diabetes Review Class is required. 

Diabetes During Pregnancy

These classes are offered to women who have gestational diabetes and pregnant woman with type 1 or 2 diabetes. Classes helps pregnant woman learn about checking blood sugars, blood sugar goals, healthy eating, and benefits of physical activity. Medication teaching is provided on an as-needed basis. Referral required.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGMs)

This class will teach how to use a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device and review the benefits. CGM automatically tracks glucose (sugar) levels throughout the day and night. It can show glucose changes over hours or days, helping to identify patterns and trends in blood sugars. A CGM can also help you and your healthcare provider make informed decisions about diet, exercise, and medicine. Healthcare provider referral required.

Introduction to Insulin Pump Class

Thinking about using an insulin pump? Come find out if an insulin pump may be right for you. Learn about the newest diabetes technology and review the pros, cons, and responsibilities of insulin pump therapy. Intro to pump class is offered monthly and taught by Certified Pump Trainers. If an insulin pump is appropriate for you, additional training classes will be scheduled. Referral required.

Supermarket Tour

A fun, interactive way to learn about healthful food choices in the supermarket. Walk aisle by aisle with a Registered Dietitian to learn what foods are the best for you! The tour focuses on heart health and blood sugar control. For dates, times, and registration, please call 484-628-4263.

Specific Needs Teaching

Whether you just want to learn how to check your blood sugar or need to know how to take insulin, the Diabetes Center offers education tailored to your needs. Certified Diabetes Education Specialists are here to help you! Special needs such as visual and hearing impairment can be accommodated. Language interpreters available. Referral required.