An experienced, kid-focused team.

If your child needs a medical procedure that requires anesthesia (pain control) or sedation, you want a team that specializes in children’s pain control. Pain control can range from sedation medicines (make your child feel relaxed or sleepy) to general anesthesia (put your child in a deep sleep).

Keeping your child comfortable and relaxed.

When a child needs a procedure or surgery, it can create feelings of anxiety. We understand. Our care environment is nurturing and kid-friendly, and our team is compassionate and patient. We can help calm the fears children often have.

You can be confident in our pediatric expertise. Our doctors work together to combine approaches and limit the times your child needs anesthesia.

As an academic medical center, we use the latest approaches in children’s pain control and sedation to ensure your child’s health and safety. Your child gets leading-edge care from a team experienced children’s healthcare.

Comprehensive Pediatric Anesthesia Care

Our trained anesthesia team cares for kids of all ages, from newborns to teens. We give you and your child personal attention and support to make the experience as worry-free as possible.

You can expect:

  • Comprehensive evaluation before the procedure. The anesthesia team will review your child’s medical history and meet with you and your child to get more information before your child’s procedure.
  • Personalized pain control and sedation plan that is best for your child. We consider your child’s needs and medical history to develop the best plan.
  • The lowest dose of medicine to keep your child comfortable. This ensures their safety, helps prevent side effects such as nausea and lets your child recover more easily and quickly.
  • Education about the medicines we plan to use and answers to your questions. We want you and your child to know what to expect and feel confident about the procedure.