Hope and healing for children with burn injuries.

Children aren’t small adults. Their bodies are still growing and changing. Burn injuries — which can have lasting physical and emotional effects on children — are treated by experts who understand the way children develop.

Experience when it matters most.

At the Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center, our doctors, nurses, and compassionate care team come together to bring your child years of experience in treating burns.

Our team, led by board-certified pediatric plastic surgeons, focuses on getting your child back to their life as quickly as possible. Our team is highly skilled in pediatric treatment techniques that minimize pain and scarring.

Comprehensive Pediatric Burn Care

We treat all types of burn injuries, including:

  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Heat and fire contact burns
  • Scald injuries
  • Smoke inhalation

When burn injuries require critical care, we partner with our hospital's pediatric intensive care doctors. These specialists are skilled in treating lung damage caused by inhalation injuries.

Why Choose Us for Your Child’s Burn Care

The Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is one of the top pediatric burn treatment facilities in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We provide comprehensive services to patients and their families, from emergency and intensive care to rehabilitation and outpatient services.  

We offer the latest pediatric burn treatments, and our team is regularly sought after to lead burn injury treatment studies.

Outpatient Care for Burn Injuries

Our burn center team offers evaluations and follow-up care at our multidisciplinary outpatient burn clinic.

During your child’s visit, they meet with all members of their care team. This coordinated approach means your child will have fewer office visits.

Burn Prevention and Education

Our team offers burn education and prevention programs to healthcare providers and members of our community. An injury prevention coordinator presents programs on home safety for burn prevention, and members of our burn center teach healthcare providers about burn treatment. You can learn more by calling 215-427-5191.