Helping kids feel good inside and out.

Pediatric plastic surgeons have the expertise to perform a full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery. We provide everything from routine birthmark removal to complex surgery to treat congenital disabilities, burns, and facial deformities. Our talented surgeons use leading-edge techniques to offer children the very best care.

A new outlook on life.

We do more than correct conditions that affect function and appearance. Our compassionate experts understand that many of these disorders and injuries affect a child’s self-esteem and confidence. That’s why we offer support to kids and their families. No family is alone — we are in this together.

Working as a team with your family, we tend to your child’s emotional health, physical function, speech and communication, and other areas.

Your child’s care team may include doctors who specialize in eye care, skin, dentistry, orthopedics and other areas — to ensure all your child’s needs are met.  

Comprehensive Pediatric Plastic Surgery Care

Our skilled plastic surgeons treat conditions such as:

  • Burns and other traumatic injuries
  • Congenital hand and foot malformations
  • Cosmetic concerns, including breast, nose and jaw reconstruction
  • Craniofacial deformities, such as cleft lip or palate or disfigurement of the head, neck, mouth, jaw, and ears
  • Vascular anomalies, such as birthmarks

We specialize in:

  • Craniofacial surgery. Our surgeons have advanced training to treat facial and skull injuries. Procedures improve a child’s appearance, but they can also help preserve function — such as mouth or jaw surgery, which makes it easier to talk, swallow, and eat.
  • Endoscopic-assisted craniosynostosis surgery. This minimally invasive procedure, done through two small cuts, corrects a skull deformity and offers a quicker recovery than open surgery.
  • Facial trauma. As a Level I Trauma Center, we offer expert reconstruction of the facial skin, muscles, and bones, including the jawbone and bones around the eyes. Our surgeons make every effort to restore children’s appearance as closely as possible to how they looked before the injury.
  • Reconstructive surgery for burns. We offer the highest level of expertise — we have the area’s only dedicated pediatric burn facility.
  • Breast reconstruction. We treat a wide range of breast conditions, including breast asymmetry (different sizes), breasts that are too large or small, gynecomastia (swelling of breast tissue in boys and girls), and other conditions that affect the shape or appearance of breasts.
  • Cosmetic surgery. Whether a child needs a minor procedure to fix the appearance of their ears or a complex surgery to repair the delicate area around their eyes, our plastic surgeons have skills and training you can trust. We offer everything from laser and liposuction procedures to rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Why Choose Us for Your Child’s Plastic Surgery

Our pediatric plastic surgeons offer expert care for kids of all ages. Families appreciate our:

  • Highly skilled plastic surgeons. We use precise approaches to perform delicate surgery on tiny structures such as nerves and blood vessels.
  • Leading-edge care. As an academic medical center, our experience and advanced technologies and treatment approaches help kids face the world with greater confidence and self-esteem.
  • Comprehensive approach. Our plastic surgeons work with pediatric neurosurgeons, dental experts, ophthalmologists (eye doctors), otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat doctors), dermatologists (skin specialists) and others to provide each child with an expert team.
  • Extended support. We bring in specialists in child, social work, rehabilitation therapy, and other areas to ensure children get complete care.
  • Personal attention. We create a treatment plan to give your child the best possible results.
  • Care coordination. We help coordinate all your child’s care and services — making caring for your child a little easier.