If your unborn baby is diagnosed with a medical condition or at risk for a serious health condition, we’re here to help. At St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, we work with you to make sure this isn’t an overwhelming experience. With our compassionate guidance, expert diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment plans, you’ll find reassurance every step of the way.

Sometimes, an ultrasound can detect a problem with the growth or development of your baby during pregnancy or identify a possible health condition. Our experienced team at the Fetal Evaluation Center has worked with many mothers-to-be to monitor, diagnose, and create a treatment plan that gives your little one the very best start in life.

Collaborative care for better outcomes.

Relationships are at the heart of our approach to care. Relationships with the patients and families we serve, collaborative relationships with specialists across St. Christopher’s, and, just as importantly, relationships with your OB/GYN or maternal fetal medicine specialist.

Here, you’ll have access to the latest advances in care and the highest standards of evidence-based treatment. But you’ll also have an entire team standing behind you, collaborating and listening to make sure that you and your baby receive the necessary treatment and support.

We’ll work closely with your entire care team, including the physician who referred you to our Center. We believe that, together, we can deliver better outcomes and a brighter, healthier, and happier future for your family.

Comprehensive Care for You and Baby

St. Christopher's is known for providing outstanding, proven care to children and families across Greater Philadelphia and beyond. That’s just as true for our Fetal Evaluation Center. Here, you’ll have access to best-in-class specialists, treatments, and technology, including:

Why Choose Us for Your Child’s Fetal Evaluation

Navigating a serious, complex, or unexpected medical condition for your baby when you’re still pregnant can be confusing and overwhelming. We understand. That’s why, here, you’re more than just a number. At St. Christopher’s Fetal Evaluation Center, you are part of our family.

You’ll receive one-on-one, personalized care from an experienced and compassionate nurse coordinate who will help you navigate every step of your baby’s diagnosis. Our team will connect you with the specialists your baby needs to see – when you’re pregnant and even after delivery. And we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your baby’s delivery and treatment plan.

Whenever you have a question, concern, or just need someone to talk to, we’ll be here. Our nurse coordinator can help you from the moment you schedule your initial visit throughout your journey. We will:

  • Stay in touch with your providers during your pregnancy, providing updates, and coordinating your and your baby’s care.
  • Arrange any additional services you need, including scheduling your appointments.
  • Monitor and update your estimated delivery date and birth plan.
  • Communicate with our transport, NICU, and specialty teams about your baby’s care plan.
  • Arrange the immediate transfer of your baby from your delivery hospital to St. Christopher.
  • Communicate with referring centers after delivery to update providers on the health of your baby.
  • Connect you with resources and follow-up care after delivery and, if needed, after discharge.