Our team of obstetricians (OB/GYNs) and certified nurse-midwives (CNNs) specialize in women’s reproductive health — from well-woman visits and routine gynecologic services to prenatal, pregnancy, labor, and delivery care.

You should make an appointment to see an OB/GYN or a midwife before you get pregnant to help you prepare for pregnancy and a healthy baby. Your OB/GYN or midwife coordinates all the care related to your pregnancy. They work with your primary care doctor and bring in specialists if needed, such as genetic counselors or maternal-fetal experts.

Obstetrics Services

OB/GYNs are doctors trained to provide comprehensive care for women before, during, and after childbirth, including:

  • Prenatal education. You learn what to expect at every stage of pregnancy, labor, and delivery — including advice about diet, exercise, and more. We help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Prenatal checkups. We see you for regular exams and tests to keep an eye on your health and your baby’s, including their heart rate, growth, position, weight gain, and more.
  • Manage complications. If you develop a pregnancy-related condition, such as pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure) or gestational diabetes, your OB/GYN provides treatment.
  • Hospital care. No matter when you come to the hospital, there’s an OB/GYN available to provide care if your regular doctor can’t come away.
  • Anesthesiologists, maternal-fetal specialists, and other specialists are there if you need them.
  • Labor and delivery care. We provide vaginal and cesarean (C-section) births, including vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). We help you have the birth experience you envision.

Midwifery Services 

Certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) are registered nurses trained to provide prenatal and pregnancy care, childbirth services, postpartum care, and primary care services for women of all ages. They are licensed medical providers accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME).

If you have a health condition — such as diabetes or high blood pressure — you’re older, or something else raises your risk for pregnancy-related complications, your nurse-midwife will work with an OB/GYN or maternal-fetal expert to provide care and keep mom and baby safe.

Your nurse-midwife provides:

  • Well-woman care. Nurse-midwives provide gynecologic exams and screenings for women of all ages, including family planning services.
  • Prenatal services. We offer education and guidance to help you prepare for pregnancy and childbirth, including tips on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and more. We also order tests and screenings to assess your health.
  • Pregnancy care. We manage your health and monitor your baby’s development during pregnancy, ordering tests and prescribing medicines and supplements as needed. 
  • Labor and delivery services. Your nurse-midwife monitors your baby and guides and supports you through labor, keeping you as comfortable as possible. You can choose to have pain medicine during labor or use natural approaches. If you have a C-section, an OB/GYN will be part of your birth team.

Obstetrics Urgent Care

If you don’t feel well or develop symptoms that concern you, you want to see someone right away. We’re here to help. The obstetrics urgent care triage team at Reading Hospital, run by nurse-midwives, will examine you and discuss your symptoms.

If you need to be admitted to the hospital for labor, we make sure your experience is as smooth and worry-free as possible. Our nurse-midwives work closely with obstetricians and maternal-fetal specialists, who are available right away if they’re needed. It’s comforting to know you have an experienced team standing by to assist.

Experience You Can Trust

As a Blue Cross/Blue Shield Blue Distinction® Center+ for maternity care, we’re known for affordable, quality care and advanced expertise. You can get everything you need from a single, trusted provider.

Our obstetricians, nurse-midwives, maternal-fetal experts, sonographers and imaging specialists, and nurse educators provide a full spectrum of care. We make sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your health and the health of your baby. Together, we work with you to ensure your birth experience is as joyful and stress-free as possible.