Injury or illness can strike when you least expect it, making it hard for you to get around and get things done. If you are having trouble managing arthritis pain or recovering from a serious injury or surgery — and you need help getting back to a normal level of function — you may need to see an orthopedic rehabilitation specialist.

Orthopedic rehabilitation specialists help people overcome musculoskeletal (muscle, bone, and joint) problems. These include pain, stiffness, weakness, and total loss of mobility caused by a traumatic injury.

No matter what brings you to Tower Health for orthopedic rehabilitation, you will receive personalized, medically supervised care. We will help you manage pain and improve coordination, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, and strength.

Some of the ways we may help you do this include:

  • Teaching you therapeutic exercises tailored to your specific needs and goals, including exercises you can perform at home
  • Applying heat packs or cold compresses to relieve pain or reduce swelling
  • Performing manual therapy (muscle massage or joint manipulation) to help improve movement and function
  • Teaching you how to use medical equipment such as crutches, a cane, or a prosthetic (artificial) limb
  • Performing electrical stimulation to help with joint pain or swelling

Rehabilitation Services We Offer

Our orthopedic rehabilitation professionals are trained to perform a variety of specific, specialized therapies. These include:

  • Physical therapy. Our team will evaluate (and help you increase) muscle strength, joint motion, balance, and coordination. We will gradually help you improve your ability to perform typical activities of daily living.
  • Occupational therapy. Our certified occupational therapists help people function better in their home or work environments. We can help you improve — or relearn — daily living skills such as grooming, dressing, or cooking.
  • Amputation therapy. We offer inpatient and outpatient therapies to people who have lost a limb.
  • Aquatic therapy. Our therapists offer supervised aquatic therapy to people who are not yet ready for weight-bearing exercises that put pressure on joints. This type of therapy, which takes place in a heated pool, is beneficial for patients who are recovering from an injury or surgery.

Rehabilitation Therapy After Joint Replacement

Orthopedic rehabilitation specialists play a key role in helping you get back on your feet after joint replacement surgery.

You may start physical therapy the same day as your surgery. Within hours of your procedure, a physical therapist may help you get out of bed and take your first steps. Our therapists will continue to help you improve joint function and mobility — and increase your comfort and confidence — until you are discharged.

Once you return home, you will need to perform exercises recommended by your joint replacement surgeon or physical therapist. You may continue to receive orthopedic rehabilitation care from a home health physical therapist or at one of our outpatient rehabilitation clinics.

Our goal is to make sure you have a safe, successful recovery — and that you get back to your favorite activities as quickly as possible.

Certified Hand Therapy

Some Tower Health locations offer hand therapy to people who need help regaining strength or function in their hands, fingers, wrists, or arms. We can help you overcome symptoms like pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling, so you can work or play more productively and painlessly.

Our certified hand therapists treat complications associated with many medical conditions and injuries, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Nerve entrapment disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Overuse injuries such as tennis elbow and swimmer’s shoulder
  • Tendon inflammation or injuries, such as wrist tendonitis and trigger finger
  • Traumatic injuries such as fractured bones and deep cuts or wounds that tear the nerves, tendons, or ligaments

Sports Therapy 

If you regularly take part in recreational activities, team sports, or physical fitness, you have a higher risk of developing a sudden injury or overuse injury.

Fortunately, our physical and sports therapists are here to get you back in shape and back in the game. Whether you tore your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), dislocated your shoulder, or are recovering from ankle surgery, you will find the expert care you need to improve pain, function, and mobility — while preventing long-term complications or disabilities.

Our sports therapists offer a variety of services tailored to your unique needs and goals. These include:

  • Custom foot orthotics
  • Home exercise recommendations
  • Joint manipulation or muscle massage (manual therapy)
  • Return-to-sport progression plans
  • Strategies to enhance performance
  • Strength and conditioning exercises