COVID-19 viral tests check if you have a current COVID-19 infection. All Tower Health Urgent Care locations offer COVID-19 assessment and viral testing. Please do not use our Emergency Departments for COVID-19 testing.

When Should I Be Tested for COVID-19?

It is important for everyone to know when they should be tested for COVID-19. You can find guidance on the CDC website.

What Are My Testing Options?

If you have moderate symptoms or are immunocompromised, Tower Health Urgent Care locations provide testing and evaluation of your symptoms. An appointment is not required, however, an order from your physician may expedite the screening process.

If you don’t have symptoms or your symptoms are mild:

Which COVID-19 Test is Best for Me?

The chart below may help you decide which COVID-19 test is best for you. Call any Tower Health Urgent Care location for more information.

 Rapid Antigen TestPCR Lab TestRapid PCR/Molecular Test 
(Roche Liat or Abbott ID Now)
Best for...Patients with COVID-19 symptoms Patients with or without COVID-19 symptomsPatients with or without COVID-19 symptoms
Results Back Within15 minutes36 to 72 hours*20 minutes (ideal test for travel requirements)
Locations AvailableAll Tower Health Urgent Care locations**All Tower Health Urgent Care locations**Select Tower Health Urgent Care locations:
- Exeter, PA
- Limerick, PA
- North Coventry, PA
- Sinking Spring, PA
- Wyomissing, PA

Note: Supply limitations may impact Rapid PCR/Molecular testing. Please call prior to arriving for testing needs. 
Processed through InsuranceYes, for most testing scenariosYes, for most testing scenariosYes, for most testing scenarios
Self-Pay Fee$65Call for self-pay fee schedule**$150 

*Test result wait times may be longer due to patient volumes.

**View Tower Health Urgent Care locations and contact information.