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Incorporated in 2012 as an LLC, Tower Health Providers (THP) is the oldest and largest clinically integrated organization in the region. THP includes a broad, multi-specialty provider network uniquely positioned to support value-based contracting arrangements for providers, payors, employers, and patients. THP provider membership governs and leads the organization in focusing on collaboration, quality, and accountability for network members.

Since its inception, Tower Health Providers providers have earned $10M in shared savings and quality incentives through value-based arrangements with payors.

THP is currently comprised of providers, participating practices, hospitals, physician-owned ambulatory facilities, and preferred partnerships. THP strives to further advance provider engagement through network activities geared toward building new pathways of high-quality care through value-based contracts and population health initiatives and ensuring access to the highest quality, most efficient healthcare for patients, payors, employers, and communities.

By deploying state-of-the-art technology, THP’s forward-thinking infrastructure allows providers to be on the cutting edge of quality reporting, value-based care initiatives, network and referral management, and clinical innovations. In addition, THP focuses on the Quadruple Aim of Care by incorporating provider wellness and satisfaction.

Tower Health Providers

  • Is provider led, run, and governed
  • Provides cost-effective care
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Holds providers accountable for the care they deliver
  • Advances quality of patient care using evidence-based guidelines
  • Increases efficiencies throughout the continuum of care

Mission Statement

The mission of Tower Health Providers (THP) is to improve the overall health of our patient population through the deployment of a clinically integrated program that reduces care fragmentation and delivers high-quality, cost-effective care. THP will be provider-driven and patient-centered with the goal of creating shared value for the patients, providers, employers, and payors.

Vision Statement

Tower Health Providers will be nationally recognized as a premier clinically integrated healthcare organization. It will be a collaborative effort of healthcare professionals in a multidisciplinary network providing coordinated patient-centric medical care using evidence-based guidelines that promotes transformative care, accountability, and cost containment to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction. Through dedicated provider leadership and population health management, Tower Health Providers is committed to serving the diverse needs of its community and surrounding areas.

Governance and Leadership – Physician Committees

Provider committees form the foundation of Tower Health Providers. Provider-led projects and input drive change and innovation through ground-breaking work around quality, population health, and network growth. Committees are strategically balanced and diverse in geography and membership to govern and serve their local communities through clinically integrated activities. All committees report to a robust physician-led Board of Managers for alignment of clinical integration program principles across the network.

Board of Managers

A Board of Managers with physicians majority oversees THP operations in accordance with the mission and vision statements. By charter, the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson positions must be held by a Tower Health Providers physician. The Board’s purpose is to oversee the development and implementation of all components of the clinical integration program, ensuring every strategic objective is beneficial to all participating providers.

Tower Health Providers Administration

The Administrative team of Tower Health Providers strives diligently to provide excellent service to our physician network. Let us know what we can do for you!