If your child, teen, or young adult  is overweight and you are concerned about their physical or mental health, turn to our pediatric weight management experts. We are a national leader in helping children and teens safely lose weight and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Pediatric & Adolescent Weight Loss Locations

Eligible children can take part in our medical weight-loss program at Weight Loss Surgery and Wellness Center in Reading, and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in downtown Philadelphia.

Helping children & teens reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Our medically supervised, nonsurgical weight-loss program provides customized care and support to children of all ages. We also offer adolescent weight-loss surgery on a case-by-case basis, starting at age 15.

With our focus on meeting your child’s medical, nutritional, social, and emotional needs, you won’t find a more comprehensive pediatric weight-loss program anywhere else in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

For many children, teens, and young adults, obesity begins at an early age — and is not something they will simply outgrow. Weight problems often follow kids through their teens and into adulthood, when unhealthy habits are harder to break, and obesity-related medical conditions begin to take their toll

Your child or teen may be a candidate for our medical weight-loss program if they have a body mass index (BMI) that is at or above the 85th percentile for their age, and they have not been able to lose weight on their own.

Pediatric & Adolescent Medical Weight Loss Services

Our program brings together doctors, dietitians, and psychologists who have experience working with overweight kids and teens. We create realistic meal and exercise plans tailored to each child’s medical needs and weight-loss goals. And our support services help your child adopt healthy behaviors and stay motivated.

Services we offer include:

  • Counseling. We can help your child work through feelings of anxiety, depression, or isolation, and teach strategies for changing unhealthy behaviors.
  • Exercise planning. Our fitness specialists will help your child discover physical activities that are as enjoyable as they are effective. 
  • Meal plans. Our registered dietitians will design a restricted-calorie diet that still provides the nutrition your child needs for proper growth and development.
  • Meal replacement products. We offer meal replacement protein shakes and bars for purchase and can help you add these products into your child’s diet plan.
  • Medical evaluations. We will confirm or rule out underlying conditions that can cause weight gain in children. These include hypothyroidism, hormone abnormalities, and genetic disorders.
  • Medicine. In certain circumstances, we can prescribe FDA-approved obesity medications to teens. When combined with a proper diet and exercise, these medicines may help enhance weight loss.
  • Nutrition counseling. We will teach your child the basics of healthy eating, including how to read food labels and how to monitor their daily calorie intake. 
  • Referrals for specialty care. If your child needs help managing any medical conditions, we can provide referrals to pediatric specialists.
  • Support groups. Our free support groups are a great way for kids to meet with and learn from other kids who also struggle with their weight.

Pediatric & Adolescent Medical Weight Loss Team

Our pediatric weight-loss specialists understand the unique challenges that overweight children face. We are committed to helping your child lose weight while gaining self-confidence — and taking the first steps toward better lifelong health.

Members of our pediatric medical weight-loss team include:

  • Exercise specialists. Certified professionals who create age-appropriate, easy-to-maintain exercise plans.
  • Nurses and advanced practice providers. Our registered nurses and other clinical providers offer education and guidance throughout your child’s weight-loss journey.
  • Obesity medicine physicians. Doctors who specialize in treating childhood obesity. 
  • Psychologists. Specialists who provide mental health support and counseling services during and after weight loss.
  • Registered dietitians. Professionals who specialize in food and nutrition.