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How We Care for Our Patients

Our Relationship Based Care (RBC) delivery focuses on assuring continuity of care and establishing a therapeutic relationship between the patient and a primary nurse. Our care is patient/family centered and our nurses create a caring and healing environment for our patients.

Our patients have the opportunity to recognize the excellent care they receive from our nursing staff by nominating them for awards. The DAISY Award honors and celebrates the skillful and compassionate care our nurses provide every day.


How We Care for Our Nurses

Our Relationship Based Care (RBC) model ensures that in addition to creating a caring and healing environment for our patients, our nursing care delivery also focuses on strengthening care of self and colleagues. Reading Hospital offers many wellness programs and activities to provide nurses, and all staff, opportunities to improve their health and well-being.

Our robust nursing recognition programs provide acknowledgement to nurses who exemplify nursing excellence through the work they do, their contributions and their commitment to making a difference in patient care and nursing practice.