The North Star Compass

True North is the Model for Professional Nursing Practice at Tower Health. As the North Star and a compass guide the direction of one’s journey, the Tower Health True North guides the advancement of nursing practice and the ongoing transformation of patient care. Patients and families are at the center, surrounded by outcome excellence because these are nursing’s core purpose.

The compass directional points are the components of nursing practice at Tower Health – no matter our clinical specialty or area of practice.

Professional Practice Model

The Tower Health Nursing Professional Practice Model defines nursing practice and guides care delivery at Tower Health.

  • It is the result of collaboration of nurses at all levels and in all departments where nursing is practiced.
  • The components of the model are what constitute professional practice, no matter the setting or the specialty in which we work.
  • It is congruent with our organization’s mission, vision, values, and standards.
  • It directs the achievement of our nursing vision.