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You can count on us.

Whether you need help with an immediate crisis or you’ve been struggling with a mental health condition or addiction for years, our behavioral health team is here for you. Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioral health counselors, social workers, nurses, and other providers offer complete care in a safe, healing environment — right here in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

We offer dedicated, specialized services for people of all ages, including kids and teens, and older adults — you can be confident you’re getting personal attention and guidance based on your needs. We provide complete care and a full range of services — from inpatient care and intensive outpatient counseling to advanced therapies like brain stimulation and specialized programs to treat eating disorders and substance use disorders.

When to Get Help

Sometimes, it’s hard to admit you need help. Seeking help isn’t a sign of weakness — it’s a sign of strength and courage. We understand that, and we’re here for you. If you’re concerned about how you’re feeling or how someone you’re close to is behaving, talking to a professional can help. These are common signs of mental illness in teens and adults:

  • Constant or strong feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger, or guilt
  • Difficulty relating to others and avoiding social activities
  • Feeling tired or lacking motivation
  • Extreme mood changes
  • Loss of interest in activities or hobbies
  • Changes in eating habits, sleep patterns, or sex drive
  • Overuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Inability to focus or make decisions
  • Difficulty with everyday functions or managing daily stressors
  • Compulsive behaviors or intrusive thoughts
  • Hallucinations, paranoia, or delusions
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Trusted, personalized mental health services.

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. When you don’t feel like yourself, it affects all areas of your life — your work, daily activities, and relationships with others. We offer a full range of treatments and services to help you feel better. Our experienced team provides personal attention, support, and guidance to improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Millions of people are affected by mental illness — 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. It’s important to know you’re not alone, and there’s help.

Emergency Mental Healthcare

If you or someone you care about is experiencing a mental health crisis that puts you or others at risk, call 911 immediately. Tower Health emergency departments have behavioral health providers available 24/7:

Trusted Psychiatric Care

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who treat people with a full range of mental health conditions, including substance-use disorders. They use a variety of medical lab tests and psychological testing to understand your mental and physical health.

Psychiatrists use a wide range of treatments — from different types of psychotherapy (talk therapy) and medicines to advanced treatments like electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Our psychiatrists manage inpatient care, provide outpatient services, and treat people of all ages — including age-specific care for children and teens, and older adults.

Psychological Counseling

Psychologists treat people with mental health conditions, such as addiction, eating disorders, depression, or panic disorders. They also help people cope with life issues — from daily work stress or social difficulties to traumatic events, like job loss or the death of a loved one. They’re trained to perform mental health evaluations and psychological testing to discover what’s causing symptoms and use psychotherapy for treatment.

Our psychologists work as part of a team to provide inpatient care and offer personalized outpatient counseling for people of all ages, including children and teens, and older adults.

Comprehensive Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our dual diagnosis program offers care for those experiencing a mental illness and a substance-use disorder, such as alcohol abuse and anxiety or opioid use and depression. Our approach combines the best treatment strategies for mental illness and addiction.

The program offers:

  • An experienced team trained in mental health and addiction treatment
  • Individual, group, and family counseling
  • Psychiatric evaluations to ensure personal attention and guidance
  • Management of medicines to keep you safe

Weight-Loss Surgery Evaluations

Our behavioral health team provides comprehensive weight-loss surgery evaluations as part of our outpatient behavioral health services. The assessment helps doctors make sure surgery is right for you. It also ensures you know what to expect and can cope with post-surgery challenges.

As we gather information about why you want the surgery and discuss your eating habits, dieting history, and other topics related to weight and food, it lets you explore your feelings. This in-depth analysis ensures you’re mentally and emotionally prepared for the surgery — which is vital for keeping the weight off.

Educating Tomorrow’s Behavioral Health Leaders

As a teaching facility for psychiatry residents, we provide experienced care to our patients — and we also educate the next generation of psychiatrists. That means our doctors are on the leading edge of behavioral health, and knowledgeable about psychiatry’s latest advancements. It also means we take extra time for residents to learn, giving patients focused, personalized attention.

General Psychiatry Residency

Outpatient Behavioral Health

When you don’t feel like yourself, you want someone who can help. We offer comprehensive therapy and counseling services for people of all ages, delivered by qualified professionals who care. We offer a full range of mental health services — from relationship counseling to treatment for anxiety, depression, behavior problems, and more.

Inpatient Behavioral Health

If you or someone you care about is experiencing a mental health crisis, you can count on us for knowledgeable care. Our experienced team provides 24/7 care in a safe, supportive, and healing environment.

Need Help? We're here.

For questions and assistance, please call the Tower Health helpline.