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Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that seek to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancers. During a clinical trial, a new treatment is tested and studied to see how well it works. Tower Health is committed to continued cancer treatment research and offers only the most promising treatment…

Cancer Screening and Risk

At Tower Health, we use screening and risk assessment tests to find cancer before symptoms appear or to determine a person’s risk for certain cancers.

Cancer Support and Rehabilitation

At Tower Health, we join you on your cancer journey. From support groups and managing side effects to wellness counseling and rehabilitation. Learn more.

Cancer Treatments

Individualized treatment designed with your needs in mind makes a difference. At Tower Health, we get to know the whole you — not just the cancer. Your healing is our passion, and we will work together to deliver the right treatment for you. Complete cancer care for every stage. Cancer patients have…

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Tower Health offers comprehensive cardiac rehab to help you lead a heart-healthy lifestyle after a heart attack, surgery, or heart event. Learn more.

Cardiothoracic Procedures and Surgery

Tower Health offers the latest approaches in cardiothoracic surgery, including minimally invasive, robotic-assisted, and hybrid surgeries. Learn more.

Center for Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs

When your child has complex healthcare needs, you want an experienced, knowledgeable team you can count on. We provide complete, coordinated, family-centered care in a single place — we offer convenience and peace of mind.

Children & Adolescent Behavioral Health

No one has to go it alone. Our child and adolescent programs help children and teens learn to cope with change, loss, family issues, peer relationships, and school and behavior problems. Comprehensive Care We provide resources for enhancing self-esteem and developing social skills. With our help,…

Cochlear Implants

Led by a highly trained teams Including a surgeons, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and psychologists. Our Cochlear Implant Programs are open to both children and adults. A cochlear implant is a device which provides useful hearing and improved communication abilities for individuals with…

Corporate and Community Health Programs

Programs designed to reach people outside of traditional health care settings Thanks to the generous support of area businesses and community grants, we are able to offer the following immunizations and community wellness programs. We help improve health outcomes in Berks and its surrounding counties…