The Reading Hospital – Tower Health Quality Awards program celebrates the success of our employees and volunteers who provide excellent care and a positive experience for our patients, visitors, and each other by adhering to our core values.

  • Advancement
  • Inclusiveness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

If you are a patient, visitor, or employee, and you wish to recognize a member of the hospital staff for their excellent care or support, please complete the form below.

What was special about the employee or volunteer you are recognizing?

We would like to share your story with other employees as an example of the great care and service we expect from our entire staff. Please include the following in your story:

Who: Full name of the employee/volunteer and department name – this will ensure they receive this recognition.
What: A clear explanation of what the employee/volunteer did to stand out and make your experience special
When: Date and time of your experience – this will help us recognize the staff member quickly
Where: The place in the hospital or outpatient facility where you had the experience with our employee/volunteer
Why: Tell us how it was special. Tell us how it made you feel.

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