A Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Cath Lab) is where interventional cardiologists perform minimally invasive tests and procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. In recent years, we have seen the number of heart and vascular patients rise and a new Cardiac Cath Lab will help us meet the growing need.

Why does Reading Hospital need a new Cardiac Catheterization Lab?

Currently, Reading Hospital performs 2,500 cardiac procedures annually. The new Cath Lab would allow our clinicians to work more efficiently, reducing preparation and procedure times, allowing for more patients to be diagnosed and treated each day. Older equipment does not provide the high-quality imaging needed to perform delicate procedures such as mitral clip and device implantations. The new Cath Lab will help meet the increased technical demands of procedures, while emitting almost 50% less radiation, making these procedures safer for the patients and staff.

A new Cath Lab will also affect the caliber of cardiologists at Reading Hospital, and the recruiting and retaining of top clinicians who want to work with the best equipment that provides the best patient outcome. Reading Hospital is already in demand, as we boast a 54-minute "door to balloon" time, compared to the national average of 90 minutes. "Door to balloon" time is the time it takes between a patient entering the hospital until their blocked blood vessel is open.

Having cutting-edge cardiac care close to home is vital to saving the lives of our community members who suffer from cardiac issues. Please consider supporting this important initiative with a gift today.