Arrow labeled "Gift of Securities" goes from donor to Reading Hospital Foundation. Arrow labeled "Tax deduction” goes from Reading Hospital Foundation to donor. Arrow labeled “We sell securities - No capital gains tax” from Reading Hospital Foundation to stock market.

What are gifts of Appreciate Securities?

Did you know that a gift of a stock, bond or mutual fund to a charity can benefit the donor more than a gift of the same amount in cash? Absent extraordinary circumstances, both gifts generate the same charitable deduction and are worth about the same to the charitable recipient. But if you gift publicly traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds that you have held for a year or more and that have appreciated in value, your gift to the Reading Hospital Foundation will be free of the capital gains taxes you would incur if you sold them!  

Imagine that you purchased a stock for $10,000 that is now worth double that amount a year or more later.  Giving the stock to the Reading Hospital Foundation would generate a federal income tax charitable deduction of as much as $20,000.  The embedded $10,000-capital gain would not be taxed.  In other words, you would benefit from “buying low and giving high.”

A gift of a stock or a bond is valued at the mean of the high and low trading prices on the date of transfer for tax purposes.  Mutual funds are valued at their net asset value at the close of the date they are gifted. If you are considering transferring appreciated securities to the Reading Hospital Foundation, you should first consult with your tax advisor. Your advisor can model different options, forecast their tax effects to you, and help you optimize the benefits of your gift.  Because securities transactions cluster near year-end, allow plenty of time to complete a gift if the year of your donation is important to you.

Please contact us if you are interested in making a gift of securities to the Reading Hospital Foundation.  We will provide instructions for electronic or physical transfers and help you determine the effective date of transfer.  That varies with the means of transfer and whether the securities are held in certificate or book entry form.

How it Works

  • You transfer appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares you have owned for one year or more to Reading Hospital Foundation.
  • Reading Hospital Foundation sells your securities and uses the proceeds to support the project or program you designate.


  • You receive an immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities on the date of transfer, up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income, no matter what you originally paid for them.
  • You pay no capital gains tax on the transfer.

How to Make a Gift of Securities

To ensure efficient and timely processing of your gift of securities, please contact Melissa Karas in The Reading Hospital Foundation office at 484-628-8666 or

Transfer Stock Gifts

To transfer securities, please instruct your broker to contact:

With the following information: 

  • Firm’s contact name and phone number
  • Donor name 
  • Security Information: shares, units or face amount, security name, ticker or cusip #, estimated value of gift and expected delivery date

Account Information:

  • DTC Participant No. 2039 (FFC Truist Bank)
  • Agent a/c # 2453000250       
  • FFC:  READING HF SHORT TERM                      

Stock Certificates Held by You 

  • Provide a letter of instruction that includes the unendorsed certificate(s), date, and name(s) and address(es) of donors. Please note that the stock is a gift to Reading Hospital Foundation and the area(s) it will support. Include the signature(s) as listed on the stock certificate.
  • Complete a stock power form for each certificate and take it to your bank for a medallion signature guarantee. Remember to: bring a photo ID, sign the form in front of the bank staff using the same name(s) that appear on the stock certificate, and date the form.
  • Please do not mail the certificate and power form together!  Include the unendorsed stock certificate(s) in one envelope and the stock power form along with a letter of instruction in another envelope.  Both envelopes should be mailed to:

Truist Bank
Physical Custody, Mail Coded 803-05-15-10
303 Peachtree Street, N.E.
15th Floor, Suite 1520
Atlanta, GA  30308

Mutual Funds and Bonds

Contact for Mutual Fund delivery instructions.

Please Include:

  • Truist: 2453000250 - Reading Hospital Foundation
  • Donor Name: