Reading Hospital and The Friends of Reading Hospital are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Physio Control, Inc. that will allow anyone in Berks County the opportunity to purchase a Lifepak CR 2 AED at a discounted rate of approximately 40 percent. This is the new model AED, and is different to those distributed to police departments, first responders, and high schools throughout the County.

Lifepak CR 2 AED

The LIFEPAK CR 2 AED can be purchased either as a mobile unit or a wall-mounted unit. The mobile unit includes an AED and spare pads, at the cost of $1,530. The wall-mounted unit includes an AED with a handle, spare pads, wall-mounted cabinet, and signage at a discounted cost of $1,933.65. Pricing is subject to change.

It is important to maintain the AED, checking the battery monthly, and changing the battery/pads as needed. The Friends share their discount on accessories as well.

To purchase your AED, please fill out this AED purchase contract form and fax, or scan and email, the form to Physio Control, Inc. using the contact information provided on the form.

Additional AED Supplies

To order additional supplies for your AED, visit Physio Control. To replace a battery or accessories due to expiration, contact customer support at Physio Control at 800-442-1142. Indicate you have contract pricing under contract 02967902.