Rotation name – Bariatric Surgery

Rotation goals/objectives:

  1. Learn the principles behind morbid obesity, metabolic disease, failure of simply dieting and exercising
  2. Understand the three major surgical procedures available as of today: sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and single anastomosis biliopancreatic diversion duodenal switch
  3. Preoperative workup of the bariatric patient
  4. Potential intraoperative and postoperative complications
  5. Management of the postoperative bariatric patient
  6. The use of robotic technology for bariatric surgery
    1. Initiate the process of becoming qualified to utilize the robot during surgical procedures as a resident - complete the online modules
    2. We included a link to the Intuitive surgical website where you can sign up and create an account to learn about the didactic component about the use of the robot. This would be the XI multiport P8/9 Software. Also, complete the Vessel Sealer and Stapling modules.
    3. Work on the virtual trainer with the fellow and attendings
  7. Experience time in the operating room, ideally watching all three procedures being performed
  8. Work closely with the bedside assistant to learn about docking the robot, port placement, and assisting during the surgery
  9. Accompany surgeons for endoscopy session to learn about upper endoscopy technique
  10. Participate in office hours to learn about the working of the bariatric program, initial consult, follow-up visits, and preoperative visit
Weekly Schedule (subject to change)
TuesdayORAll Day
WednesdayORAll Day
ThursdayORAll Day
FridayAcademic protected timeClinic