Didactics and Conferences

We place a strong focus on resident education. Residents attend morning didactics daily for an hour with the other trainees rotating through the section. Recurring conferences include multidisciplinary meetings such as Neuroradiology Conference (with radiology, neurology, neurosurgery, and neuropsychology) and NNR Conference (with neonatology, neurology, and radiology). Residents also have 2 additional hours of protected learning time every week.

In addition to didactics, our residents receive on-the-job teaching throughout the day. We have an open door policy and it is very common to see a group of residents huddled together in an attending’s office discussing a case together. Residents have plenty of time to read up on diseases between patients during the day. We actively encourage curiosity and collegiality.


Not only do our residents receive plenty of teaching, they also receive training on becoming medical educators themselves. Our residents take on the responsibility to teach each other, other rotators within the Section of Neurology, and members of the pediatrics residency. We pride ourselves on the learning environment we have created in the Section of Neurology, and our attendings and residents often receive teaching awards given out annually by the pediatrics residency program.

Residents are required to participate in a scholarly project during their Child Neurology Residency. Most of these projects end in poster presentation at meetings or in publications. Residents are encouraged to attend one national or international meeting per year. Our residents often present their research work at these meetings.