The introduction to clinical anesthesia is a unique experience for residents. In order to "get up to speed" quickly, an intensive academic and clinical orientation is beneficial. Described as “BootCamp”, this 8-week period offers residents the information and experience necessary to transition from direct to indirect supervision for basic anesthetic care. During Bootcamp, there will be daily protected lecture time, used to introduce foundational competencies and topics in general anesthesia. Attached, please find the “BootCamp” description, goals, checklist, and didactic lectures.

Following Bootcamp, all residents will attend the biweekly Barash lecture series. During these three-hour, protected sessions, our residents will explore the text Clinical Anesthesia by Paul Barash chapter by chapter. Our goal is that, by the time our CA3 class of residents graduates, they should have made it through the text at least once in its entirety. These lectures serve as important tools in preparation for both the Basic and Advanced exams.

Other didactic activities include weekly TrueLearn® question bank review sessions with core faculty members as well as weekly anesthesia keyword sessions run by our Chief residents. The keyword sessions are resident-organized and led by residents each researching and presenting critical topics from the basic and advanced exams. Additionally, our core faculty runs sporadic problem-based learning case review sessions when time permits each week in the afternoons.

Finally, on Friday mornings our operating rooms start late so that the department can hold Grand Rounds. These sessions have rotating themes including faculty meetings, journal club, leadership/wellness, and guest lecturers from outside institutions.

The Basic Examination is taken in July of the CA2 year.