A Three-Year Fellowship Program includes:

  • 12 months of non-laboratory clinical practice activities (cardiovascular consultation, inpatient cardiovascular care, cardiac medical and surgical intensive care, advanced heart failure and preventive cardiology / cardiac rehabilitation)
  • 4 months in the cardiac catheterization laboratory
  • 10 months in the noninvasive imaging laboratories (echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, vascular imaging, stress testing)
  • 2 months in clinical electrophysiology consultation
  • 2 months of research

The last 6 months of fellowship are devoted to the fellow’s area of interest. Senior fellows may elect to obtain more experience on advanced rotations through the cardiac catheterization laboratory, electrophysiology laboratory, noninvasive imaging laboratories, or advanced heart failure service.

A continuing ambulatory cardiovascular care experience occurs throughout the three-year training program consisting of one half day per week. The patients are directly assigned to the fellow and managed under the guidance of an attending physician.