Resident evaluations

Residents will be evaluated by each rotation director based on the goals and objectives to achieve competencies of each rotation. These rotation evaluations will serve to evaluate the resident’s performance in the six competencies of patient care, medical knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, practice-based learning and systems based practice.

Rotation and program evaluations

The resident will fill out an evaluation on the rotation, as well as an evaluation of all key faculty members involved in their training experience at the end of the year. This provides the Program Director with continuous self-review and direct feedback from the residents participating in these educational training experiences.

Faculty evaluations

Residents will evaluate faculty members involved in their training on individual rotations. These will be done on a monthly basis.


Residents are responsible for maintaining their logs Residents will be provided with access to an electronic program, which allows residents to log their patient encounters, surgical procedures, and didactic educational experiences. These logs will be required for Board Certification.

Patient logs

This will include a listing of the patients seen, including diagnosis and procedure performed, level of involvement. This log must comply with HIPAA rules and regulations.