Lectures, Journal Clubs, and Patient Safety Conferences

A detailed calendar of lectures, workshops, conferences, and journal clubs will be provided. A didactic learning session will be held at least once weekly. The didactics will be as follows:

  • Week 1 – Chapter Review and Updated Literature Review with Resident and Student Presentations followed by Discussion.
  • Week 2 – Journal Club with extensive analysis and Faculty and Resident Discussion.
  • Week 3 – Hands on Workshop “cadaver or sawbones as available” or Faculty Lecture
  • Week 4 – Radiology Rounds with M&M/Quality and Safety Review

Note: Subject to change depending on topic of choice and availability of hands-on workshop materials. 


Lectures are designed to augment the clinical content of the program with respect to the goals and objectives of the program. Residents should be prepared to discuss topics and elaborate on that month’s chapter and literature review.  All residents are required to attend and participate.

  • Lectures will be held weekly.
  • All lectures are mandatory.
  • Lectures may be live, video conference, or pre-recorded.
  • Problems and conflicts should be brought to the attention of the Program Director. 

Journal Clubs

Journal club will be held at least monthly. Residents are responsible for reviewing articles as assigned, providing a copy for each resident and the faculty moderator, and presenting and leading the discussion.  All residents are required to attend and participate. 

M&M/Quality & Safety Review

Radiology Rounds and Morbidity and Mortality/Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Review will be held at least monthly. All residents are required to attend and participate.

Annual Review of Research Methodology

Research Methodology will be conducted to promote excellence in Podiatry and medical research to encourage residents to conduct research projects.